What is Wellness Coaching?

How do you generally feel about your health? Inspired, supported and motivated? A Wellness Coach can be a mentor, support and guide for those on a personal path towards complete wellness and health.  It is a bridge between health issues and the potential for healing that can occur within you. I work with clients to help them eat well, heal gut and digestive issues, balance hormones, gain energy, optimize sleep, soothe chronic inflammation and so much more! Wellness Coaching can help you to feel your best through food and lifestyle changes.


What Can I Help You With?..

  • gut and digestive issues

  • stress management

  • chronic pain

  • autoimmune support

  • anxiety and depression

  • hormone balancing

  • healthy weight

  • energy and mood

  • anti-aging and brain health

  • food relationship

Is This For You?

Has stress been running your life? Are diets hard to understand and even harder to follow? Would you like to feel better and live healthier but don’t know where to start?

Wellness is the natural state of your body and it is the state that your body is continuously trying to return to. We know that healthful eating, exercising and reducing stress levels are beneficial for us, but no one way works perfectly for everyone because each of us is unique.

When you discover the lifestyle changes that work best for you, achieving wellness can be simple and easy. You have control over your health.


Meet your wellness coach!

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Hi! I’m Cristy Jenkins. I love recipes that break the rules, and helping people fall in love with real, delicious food. Health is all about living well and feeling good.


Are You Ready?

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